How does Talk2all eSIM work?

  • Purchase eSIM card and traffic package
    Step 1Purchase eSIM card and traffic package
    After purchasing a SIM card, search for the destination and choose a traffic package to purchase
  • Installing an eSIM card
    Step 2Installing an eSIM card
    Scan QR code or use activation code to install eSIM
  • Using traffic
    Step 3Using traffic
    When you are ready to activate eSIM, please turn on the data roaming function in the device settings

eSIM Data Plan

All 1GB 3GB 5GB 10GB 15GB 20GB


What is eSIM?

In the era of eSIM without a card, the internet is more free. eSIM is a virtual SIM card, and phones that support eSIM only need to scan the QR code we provide to use mobile network functions, without the need for a physical card.

What are the phone models that support eSIM?

Note: Chinese, Hong Kong and Macau versions of mobile phones do not support eSIM function. The current models of mobile phones that support eSIM are shown in the following figure

Phone models that support eSIM

How can you tell if your phone supports eSIM?

①IPhone: Open phone Settings - Cellular Network - Add eSIM, if (Add eSIM) indicates that the phone supports eSIM;

②For Android phones: Open Phone Settings - Network and Internet - Add eSIM;

How to obtain eSIM QR code?

Currently, there are two ways to get eSIM

①Web purchase:After the user logs in to the eSIM purchase website to place an order, we will send an email (including eSIM QR code and related operation manual) to the mailbox filled in by the user through the eSIM system. The user can retrieve and query the eSIM QR code by logging in the mailbox, as shown in the figure below;

Website purchase of eSIM card

②Buy it through the Talk2all APP After you successfully purchase eSIM and travel destination traffic package through the APP, the APP will generate an eSIM QR code, and then long press the QR code to save it to the album (you can also send the QR code to your email). Finally, use the mobile phone that supports eSIM to scan the QR code to enable eSIM Internet access, as shown in the figure below

App purchase eSIM card

App purchase eSIM card

eSIM setting method?

Please refer to the following instructions and picture descriptions for the mobile phone you have

①pen the virtual SIM card: 1. Set > Action service, join the action plan > 2. Scan the QR Code provided by the supplier. > 3. Completion of opening

②Remove Virtual SIM Card: Settings > Action Services > Click on Plan to Remove > Remove Action Plan

Take iPhone as an example, the mobile phone needs to be connected to mobile data network or WIFI operation, open the iPhone phone Settings - Cellular network - Add eSIM, click on the QR code, scan the QR code, click on the activation of eSIM, please note that the cellular network is changed to eSIM (do not choose wrong), and then enable (data roaming). After the setting is complete, it will automatically search for the carrier signal and then access the Internet normally. eSIM is automatically activated after the installation is complete, as shown in the following figure

Install eSIM - phone

Setting method for Android phone

Install eSIM - android

Other points to note

①The following types of mobile phones cannot use eSIM: card lock machine, mobile phones owned by telecom companies, 3G mobile phones, reinstalled devices, mobile phones manufactured in China, Hong Kong and Macau.

②Do not jump out of the screen during the process of opening and adding eSIM. Otherwise, the eSIM solution may be deleted due to misjudgment of the mobile phone.

③During the adding process, ensure that the network is stable to prevent the mobile phone from flashing back or being deleted due to the failure of adding the eSIM scheme.

④If the eSIM scheme is not used out or deleted without the judgment of the supplier's customer service staff, it will not be reissued or refunded.

⑤If the eSIM scheme is added to the mobile phone continuous display enabled, please close the other data scheme in the mobile phone first, and change it back after the new scheme is enabled. Do not manually delete or change it.